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AppMerge App Creation software is the best App Maker today with easy to use features. It’s the app maker you’ve been looking for. We call it ‘the app making app’, because it gives you the power to create mobile apps for android and iOS and maintain, host, and update those apps efficiently. With The AppMerge App Maker, the power is now in YOUR hands. From design to hosting the AppMerge App Maker is your one stop swiss army knife for app creation.

If you have a social media presence you need your own mobile App Now

“AppMerge increases user engagement & builds your community of followers in the process. Amazing!”
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We want to make mobile app development accessible to everyone.

- CEO AppMerge

So we set out to make a simple system, which leverages the content and systems you already have. If your looking to grow your community, make business tasks simpler, and open yourself up to a whole new distribution method for your brand, The AppMerge App Maker is what you’re looking for in your App development system.

“AppMerge App Maker give you the power to create mobile apps fast, with tons of built-in features including Push Messaging and App Hosting”

Your customers want to engage with your brand, but they don’t use Facebook anymore, and using a bunch of Apps to get to your content is cumbersome. AppMerge put all your points of social interaction with clients and fans in one app, increasing engagement and loyalty.

Getting your App on the users desktop is key real-estate in today’s mobile dominated space. If you wanted to know how to create a mobile app free, and easy, your App creation system has arrived.