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AppMerge app maker creates amazing native mobile Apps for every type of business, retail store, restaurant, club or association, one off or ongoing-events, AppMerge App Maker accelerates building your brand’s klout through rapid mobile app creation & distribution. For Android Play Store & iTunes App Store. sign up now it’s free..

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Build your brand. AppMerge connects fans to musicians, bands, artists, DJ’s, models, & online personalities. Youtube Stars & WordPress Bloggers, Twitter influencers leverage your community and connect to fans through Cloud Messaging. AppMerge leverages the content you already have & builds new channels of communication, outreach & promotion. sign up now it’s free..

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The AppMerge Material Design Mobile App Creation System

Take a look at our app designer user interface. We have apps ready to go for every sector of business & unlimited styles to suit your look and feel. Design yours or select a template automatically. Style your app with the AppMerge App Maker


Pricing Plans

Choose our free plan to get a hang of things and then upgrade as needed.

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  • One Published Android & iOS Native App
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Push Messaging
  • Cloud Storage
  • Perfect for artists, bloggers, dj’s, bands, youtube stars, anyone

Apps for Developers & Agencies


$29.99 a month

  • Up to 10 Published Apps
  • White Label Native Apps Android & iOS
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Free Push Messaging
  • Login for Developer & Your Clients

AppMerge FAQ

What is the best way to contact support?

We answer all emails within 4 hours maximum support[at]appmerge[dot]com

Is there a Free Version?

Yes, you can stay with the Free version, occasional advertisements from AppMerge will appear after 90 days of use according to our terms and conditions.

How big is your support team?

We are a team of 20 developers and engineers. We have people on call 24 hours a day. You are in good hands with the AppMerge Development & Support engineers on call.

Is there are trial before purchase?

Yes, every APP account is FREE for 90 days. After that trial you can select the paid plan, or continue with the free plan (ad supported).