The Future of Mobile App Creation

There seems to be a mobile app for everything now. From utilities to games to shopping & online ordering and reservations. If you want to do it from or with your smartphone, there’s an app for that now and it may seem like there is no app that has not been thought of. But what about your business, what about your brand. If there is no app for that, well it’s time you made one for yourself.

The problem is, up until recently, to get into the mobile app space, it’s been hard for the mom & pop or small business owner to create a mobile app without getting into expensive programming and entering into a potential “can of worms” as they say. Any coding project can be long and tedious regardless of how simple things seems in the planning stage of your app.

This is where AppMerge, the “App Making App” comes in. We believe the future of mobile apps is to bring the mobile app to everyone. Whether you are a small brick and mortar store, boutique or restaurant, a bar, club or hair salon, or if you have an online business such as a blog, an online store, or if you create Youtube videos for your livelihood, we believe you should be able to access the doors a mobile app opens for you and the interactivity it will bring to your and your customers or users.

AppMerge allows anyone to create a mobile app for free without any coding knowledge required. Simply add all your social networks accounts to your app including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and more. AppMerge offers connectivity to just about every social network, so the content for your app is probably already online and ready to be pulled into your very own mobile app. Once you’ve added your social accounts, you can add other features such as an online store, payments, reservations, forms, and just about anything you can think of.

Once you’ve added everything you need in the AppMerge interface, you then simply compile your mobile app and the system does the rest. Including in your app is “push messaging” allowing you to notify your users about updates to your content or specials and deals you are offering, all in a timely fashion, and with the ability to geo-target the message based on the app users’ location.

With AppMerge, the hard part of making a mobile app has already been done. AppMerge creates a slick app with all your content, and able to be customized just as you like it with your own branding and style.

For us, the future of mobile apps is bringing mobile apps to everyone, not just the big boys, or the coders that have the know-how. AppMerge makes it possible for everyone to have a mobile app of their own to communicate with your followers and customers alike.