Create Mobile App for your Business or Social Network Today

appmerge-appmaker-circle450With the AppMerge app maker, you can forget the programmers, the long months of planning and research, and the uncertainty of the quality of the delivered product. You want to offer your clients a high quality app that brings you return on your investment and does the thing an app is suppose to do for your business: Increase user engagement rates and drive sales to your business or traffic to your social media.

AppMerge will create a mobile app for you within minutes from our customizable templates and built in features. The AppMerge app server pulls in all your social feeds and even all your website content. AppMerge adds mobile push messaging, chat, loyalty cards, coupons, and tons more features that are added to your app with a simple drag and drop. Anyone can do it, it’s fun.

In our Beta Launch Sept 2016 we will be giving unlimited support & service to our clients who create their mobile app with us. Any help you need is free and we will even create the app for you.

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We will be selecting the 25 beta clients for this special service by end august so don’t wait! Please send any questions to