Create a Mobile App for Your Small Business

Now You Can Create a Mobile App for Your Small Business

Creating a mobile app for your small business is now as simple and inexpensive. Up until now to get your business into the mobile arena you needed to hire a programmer, a designer, and embark on an endeavour which would be costly with an outcome you could not be sure of. You also would have to consider the hosting of that mobile app as well as updates. This made it almost impossible for a small or medium size enterprise to get their business on the smartphone without the high cost and risk. Well not anymore.

The people at AppMerge, the maker of the ‘App Making App’ have created an online software system that makes it easy and inexpensive (there is even a free version) for a business of any size to create a mobile app fast.

So why does your business need a mobile app? Well, there are many reasons.

More people are using their smartphone to access the Internet than ever before. Estimates are that up to 60% of all Internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices. With the fact in mind, how can you not have your own mobile app which will increase user activity with your brand.

So what can you do with your mobile app? Well, the AppMerge system lets you add features that will increase user engagement with your brand, including more sales. For example with AppMerge you can:

  • Create Mobile Coupons
  • Take Reservations
  • Send Push Messages to Alert Users
  • Take Orders & Payments Online
  • Add All Your Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Instagram & More.
  • These are just a few of the things you can include in your mobile app. You also have the ability to add features at any time through the easy to use AppMerge user interface that makes anyone a pro at creating full-featured mobile apps.

    Once your mobile app is created you can upload it to the Google Play Store & the App Store from Apple. You can also host the App on the AppMerge cloud for easy access. If you have a storefront, such as a boutique, club, salon or restaurant, simply print out the barcode sticker from AppMerge for your app and put it on your front door or near your cash. You can then have your customers scan the barcode and the download of your app will be automatically sent to their phone. Another effective technique to distribute your mobile app is offering customers a ‘mobile only discount’ by sending special offers to their smartphone. In addition, you can offer your customers a ‘sharing’ discount which you will credit to your customers if they share your app with a friend. These techniques will help you easily spread your app to all your customers, find new customers, and increase your interaction with them.

    With all these benefits and more, how can you afford not to have a mobile app for your business? Start your mobile app with AppMerge now, it’s free, and the friendly AppMerge team will help you market your app with ideas like we touched upon here.